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elfwoodrant's Journal

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Disgruntled Elfwoodians
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This journal is now closed.

Because of this, the community maintainers have relaxed what is allowed in elfwood. If you have a complaint or issue that you would like to bring up for discussion, feel free to do se in the main elfwood livejournal. However, if you're only here to bitch and whine, do that in your own journal. Posts of this nature may be deleted without warning.

This journal will not be deleted, so past posts may still be viewed.

If you have any questions or complaints specifically regarding the rules, please see elfwoodrules.

If you have any questions, please contact one of the maintainers. Thanks!

Moderators of Ew-Lj:
nyx_hemsut, violetice, anotherdream, snowlynx, and wastedfairy

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