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August 9th, 2005

01:09 am - Crickets?
Yar, what's the point of having elfwoodplugs if the plugging gets you nowhere? >_<

Err, maybe I'm just not being charismatic enough, but, oof, two plug posts in a row get completely no responses and I am confused. I would go back to the whole just giving out loads of comments, but that didn't quite work out very well last time, either.

Okay, irritation has ceaded. all is (sorta) well.
Current Mood: irateirate

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August 8th, 2005

07:17 am - Inspired..or not?
How many of you think that inspiration is necessary to art? As in...how many feel that they cannot draw/paint/sculpt/create unless the Inspiration Anvil of Doom falls on their head?

The recent post got me thinking about this again. I have to say that I'm somewhat torn on this subject. I know that personally, 'inspiration' is important to my art but I also find that simple practice --without inspiration-- is important also. Sometimes doing simple sketches or 'doodles' without any real purpose or idea in mind is what leads to that light bulb going off. Mostly it doesn't. Mostly I'm just left with pages and pages lying around filled with drawings of random stuff. But I don't consider them a waste of time. I may have pages filled with hands in different positions or feet in different positions or random people standing in a blank background but I tend to use these pages for reference or if not, I still feel that they've contributed to my improvement. Plus, they satiate my need (desire) to draw.

I tend to use the term 'muse' for whatever is my source of inspiration but after recent comments, I realized that I do tend to use it more jokingly or to describe my laziness than in seriousness. Ie "My muse went on vacation." Translation: "I'm too lazy to paint/write at the moment." I think a good point was brought up that artists who rely to heavily on the 'muse' or 'inspiration' aspect of art, often use it as a crutch when they don't feel like practicing or to somehow show that they can't help what they draw and how they draw it. And certainly it does seem to imply that we're just hapless artists subject to create only what this mysterious 'Muse' tells us to create. I would think many artists would disagree with that thought.

I know on a recent art board I frequent, a similar topic came up about what it means to be a 'true' artist. Most of the artists commenting on that thread insisted that they could not create without inspiration. I find that really strange. I mean, there's always a moment where I conceive an idea for how I want a finished drawing or painting to look, where I suddenly stop drawing without purpose and have a finished goal in mind. To me, that is inspiration. Sometimes it comes before I put pencil to paper and sometimes it comes after I've been drawing for a while. But it always comes...otherwise I don't turn out a completed piece...just some sketches or doodles. Sometimes I *do* feel like I have to draw *right now* but that generally happens if I get an idea of a specific pose or composition and I want to get it out while it's fresh in my mind. I usually just do a quick thumbnail so I can go back later and refine it. I don't feel like I have to sit down and get the whole thing out or my head will explode. I just know how easily I forget things and going back two days later and thinking "What was that idea I had again?" is frustrating.

I don't know...I feel like I'm rambling or not making sense. It seems like there have always been two different ways to view art...either it's some sort of magical 'talent' that you are born with where you have some mysterious source of inspiration that enables you to create art. Or it's viewed as simply learning a bunch of technique and putting it to good use. In a way, I guess I feel it's a little bit of both. I don't think you have to be born with talent (though there are those to whom it seems to come far more naturally) or that you have to have that magical 'inspiration' to guide you. And yet, I do feel that what separates an artist from those millions of people out there that just like to draw and may or may not be good at it is a special need to create. That's how it is to me anyhow because whether I'm inspired (that is, do I have a clear idea or goal in mind for a particular drawing) or not, I always have a need to draw.

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July 26th, 2005

07:36 pm
Hmm... People keep mentioning using the Internet (And Stuff) to find reference pictures to use...

So heres my (Must hurry pizza burning as I write this) Two cents worth:
~Start Random Tangent~

If, say, I want to paint a picture my Muse demands I do it "NOW goddamminit!" Or else it holds off like a Dealer who knows I'm broke when I come looking for an art fix...

I'll spend 2+ hours (of frustration and erasing and redrawing again and again cause something just isn't working right) drawing the stoopid thing out.. but when I have the urge to paint (whatever the particular subject is..) I must do it Now.

Screw being at Work or on the bus or in the bathroom- when the Muse hits- (and when it hits it overflows, damn unpredictable Muse of mine..) it's "Must Paint" and don't bother me with a brush in my hand... as my roomies and parents fount out the hard way.. (Sap Green oils on the doorframe, the carpeting, Clothes that are Not Mine...)

Wandering down to the internet poking Google for hours on end to (Maybe) find something along the lines of whatever I'm trying to paint this particular day (insert subject here) just doesn't enter into the picture!
Not the picture picture but err.. you know what I mean....

I might take ten min. to dig around in my accordian files for "Random picture I cliped from an ad three years ago that might be of use" (and if I can't find that particular pic I do without..) but thats as good as it gets!

Maybe clipping photos is passe, I don't know..
'Course.. thats just me....

~End Tangent~ (And now I must save the pizza. Xtra large, the Works... Ooo pineapple!!!)

I was wondering- can you use old songs lyrics in art on EW if you don't know who wrote em /slash/ listed as "Anon."? say like an old church hymn or a traditional ballad?
I haven't yet (or anything) I was just curious to know...
Current Mood: amusedamused

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05:50 pm
Can someone please explain to me why My Little Pony counts as fantasy art? I don't see Barbie hanging around the woods. (And I am grateful for that!)

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July 18th, 2005

12:53 am

It's rude as hell to delete a community post if you don't get the response you expected.

Even freezing the comments, which is still cowardly, is better than simply erasing everyone else's contributed viewpoints and, in effect, WASTING OUR PRECIOUS TIME out of sheer spinelessness. It all boils down to: either get an opinion worth defending, or shut the hell up!

I have no respect for wimps who simply delete other people's carefully contributed input as if that somehow wins the argument or un-makes their mistakes. But on top of it, to drag out the drama all over again in ANOTHER subsequent post? Talk about passive-aggressive!

Indian givers don't get a second chance for calm and logical discussion. You're fair game to whoever's pissed enough to give it a go, and I assure you, you'll find plenty of people bored and annoyed enough to sign on for the beating. There is no shortage of maniacal rage on the Intarwebs.

I firmly believe that when someone makes a public spectacle of their personal issues, our resident devil's advocates have a responsibility to jump in there and make the ensuing wank at least interesting for those of us who would otherwise be rolling our eyes, stabbing ourselves in the ear, etc.

Bottom line: Delete your posts and you're a butthole. And if people give you a hard time afterward, GOOD. Maybe you'll learn a lesson about not being a butthole in the future.

Or at least to stop playing 'ding dong ditch' with that gods-damned POST ENTRY button.

Love, Luka Houlilan J. Grouebenhebber III.

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July 16th, 2005

07:21 pm - "Rejected..."
Let me just say first off, I've NEVER had a picture rejected from elfwood before. I'm a long time member I've been around here at least 5 years, I've read the rules. And I'm just a little ticked off to have waited in the ticket que for over a month just to have my ticket rejected for a reason that has nothing to do with the picture... Here's my rejection notice:

"Sorry, but some of the items you chose to submit to Elfwood was not
accepted by a moderator. We have deleted them from our storage space,
and you will recieve a copy of all removed items in a separate email.

Sorry, but your image had to be rejected as the poetry quoted in the
description needs to be credited, even if it's just to say that you wrote
it. I've kept the image at the Extranet, so you may alter the
description easier."

Anyone who's ever visited my gallery should also notice that I dabble in poetry and often like to write poems to go along with my drawings (I've seen many other artists do the same). So it bugs me that the moderator didn't take the 2 seconds it would've taken to visit my gallery to realize that I am indeed a writer as well as an artist, no I didn't plagerize my poem, if I were posting someone elses poetry I would of course quoted their name (not that I would ever post someones poetry without their written consent), I had no idea that I needed to say "written by myself" my name is already at the top of the page after all... I've never had a problem with posting my poetry with my images, I've been doing it the whole time I've been an elfwood member and I've never been rejected for it before. I know the mods have a hard time going through the images protecting the artists from art thieves/copycats etc, and I simpathize, I'm just feeling slightly peeved about this unexpected rule change...

Edit: I have to add...
I don't hate the moderators but I disagree with this policy. Yes words that are not your own should be cited (or in my opinion not even used at all). But citing your own words??? I merely wrote a description, granted it was a flowery, wordy description with some rythmic patterns, yet still a description of my picture. If elfwood has suddenly decided that our descriptions need to be cited, why not add it to the copywrite notice that already exists...

Does anyone else find it a bit ridiculous to have to say "I r teh wrot dis descripty" after a description in your own gallery under your own name next to your own copywrite notice? Artistically it ruins the whole feel for me, not to mention the redundancy, redundancy, redun- is this thing on?
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated

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July 14th, 2005

04:04 pm - Art dyslexia? :P
Partly so that people don't think that I'm just a horrible meaniehead who mocks strange comments left in my gallery, but mostly because it's funny, I shall now tell you about my STUPID ART MISTAKES!¡!

When I was an Elfwood newbie (just last year!) I painted a picture of a Werewolf playing guitar. I didn't (and still don't) know a thing about guitars, so I used a reference photo for the basic shape of the guitar. I altered some details so that it had a fantasy look, but still tried to retain the correct structure/placement of strings, etc.
So, I put the painting on Elfwood and almost immediately someone told me that I'd painted the guitar upside down! (that I'd painted a left-hand guitar when I should've painted a right-hand guitar, more or less)

Recently, I painted a small ship coming across a very large SeaSerpent. Like guitars, I know nothing about ships. Again I used a reference, again changing some things so that it looked more fantasy-oriented but still retained proper ship-conformation & structure.
Put it on Elfwood, and one of the first comments I got was that I'd painted the sails backwards!


What's wrong with me?

Do I have art-specific dyslexia or what?

Of course I sometimes make mistakes when I don't use references, but rarely things so glaringly obvious.

Anyone else want to share some silly art mistake stories to boost my crumbling ego? :D


Oi! *cough*
Because people have found my cavalier (leap first, look later!) attitude offensive and rude, I did delete my previous "weird comments" post.
Just let me reiterate: I am pleased and flattered every time someone comments on my work -- even if it's a tremendous flame or an incomprehensible jumble of Liek Woah!, at least I know that my art has had an effect on the commenter.
I did not and do not intend to offend anyone. Statement of fact!

I'd further like to say that aside from the response to that post (my questionable attempt at a humorous & lighthearted rant), my Elfwood and Elfwood-LJ experience has been nothing but pleasant. Please don't let a bad apple spoil the whole bunch, even if you perceive me to be that bad apple!


Edit 2: (yes, this is getting out of hand)
I apologize to those people who took the time to search out weird comments in their galleries and share them, only to have those efforts deleted (by me! OMG, I am a jerk! It's all true!)

I imagine I'm overreacting and being overly senstive, but there you have it.
Current Mood: amusedamused
Current Music: Commander Cody - 20 Flight Rock

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July 13th, 2005

10:58 pm - A note from a weary mod
We don't hate you.
We are not clairvoyant; we cannot find that picture of that whatsis (it was green and had 3 wings) for you.
Yes; real, live people do answer support emails.
We do not know if Abby Normal is the same chick you went to high school with.
The rules were not created to mess with your head.
Yes, you still have to follow rules you don't like/agree with.

And finally: If you pitch a fit and threaten to leave Elfwood, we will give you instructions on how to do so.

Thanks, and have a pleasant evening.
Current Mood: frustratedfrustrated

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July 8th, 2005

01:28 am - Ew
Naming your anime elf a Japanese name is not cool or original or neat.
Because everybody does it.


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July 7th, 2005

06:04 pm - Don't want to wait?
I'm wondering - if you don't like the wait for moderation, how much would you pay for a gallery on a site where you could put up your own pictures any time? Maybe there would be an submission where you showed several of the sorts of pictures you wanted to put up and agreed to obey the rules, then if you didn't obey the rules you were kicked out after one warning or something like that? I know the wait is long, but are you willing to pay money?

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