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Two rejections in one ticket... - Disgruntled Elfwoodians

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August 21st, 2005

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09:50 pm - Two rejections in one ticket...
I can't believe I got two rejections on one ticket! *wah* One of them was caused by quite a bit of stupidity on my part... I really can't believe I didn't rememebr the rules properly... I wanted to post a painting I did for a friend. It's a handsome asian elf samurai type guy, with a bow, and a phoenix in the background. There is also this inside joke between my friend and I, because she's obsessed with this Chinese singer named Jay Chou. Yeah... the painting is *sorta* based off of Jay Chou, who *is* a celebrity. But honestly, the resemblance is miniscule and I would bet my rats that if I hadn't said anything in the description, no one would have recognized him. I just made him look like your generic handsome anime-ish guy. And now I've blown my chances of ever posting this picture, which I happen to quite like.

The other rejection is a bit more puzzling... it's a re-upload from before the crash. Which means that yes, it was accepted before. It's a firelizard, so it's Anne McCaffrey fan art. I was very careful in my description to explain all that, basically giving a flippin encyclopedia entry on Anne McCaffrey and her brilliant works. BUT apparently I did not put in the proper little (R) thigy... you know what I mean, the little R inside the circle. ACK!!! I am so computer illiterate, I have no idea how to make one of those. The mod suggested copying the symbol from the rules page. I will try it, of course, but I'm kinda sad that I'm gonna have to wait like.... another month or two before this drawing is actually published. (I don't believe in single picture tickets... I like to save 'em up for a bit so I have a few...because I know i'll be in the middle of the queue when i have something new i want to upload).

This really stinks.
Current Mood: sadsad

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Date:August 22nd, 2005 10:38 pm (UTC)
Two of us, then. Out of two images, one of mine got rejected. I won't argue the case, as I can see the argument - I just totally didn't consider the possibility of rejection, as the same character is up in a neighbour gallery (me and that artist do play the same MUD), with even less of a "THIS IS FANTASY BECAUSE -description". Even the composition is similar, damnit [I of course gave credit for pose idea in description!] But it got rejected, and I'm unreasonably grumpy. I -must- learn that my "obvious fantasy" images are pure historical ones when it comes to Elfwood rules. A Deviant art gallery account and some better thinking from my part would probably save Mods trouble and me agony. I just happen to like Elfwood better. Awww, the trouble one can make for oneself when one has nothing better to do...
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Date:August 22nd, 2005 11:58 pm (UTC)
"I -must- learn that my "obvious fantasy" images are pure historical ones when it comes to Elfwood rules." Same thing happened with me my last ticket, I forget to add that stuff into the description because in my head I don't think of it as borderline. >_

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